Smoke PotSmoke pot.Two little words, but they describe the favorite pastime of a lot of people.Some people choose to smoke a joint, smoke pot from a bowl or a bong, or even eat it in brownies on or spaghetti.However they do it, many people feel it should be legal to smoke pot.

Smoking legal pot could actually cut back on crime in the US.If it was legal to smoke pot, then less police and court personnel would need to spend their time with the War on Drugs.Also, pot smokers would not be tying up the courts and crowding the jails.

People also argue that when you smoke a joint or a bowl of pot, you’re not really hurting anyone.Smoking pot even has lots of medical benefits.

Across the country you can find college students smoking marijuana from a bowl or pipe.A bong is another way to enjoy pot.Many of those students will never quit smoking pot from a bowl.

For example one can look at Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps.Pictures surfaced recently of him smoking pot from a bong, which brought the debate on whether we should make pot legal to the front of peoples’ minds again.

As mentioned, there are some people that feel smoking pot from a bong or bowl, or even if you smoke a joint, you are doing something morally wrong.These people would like to see all marijuana smokers quit.

If you have a problem with pot and would like to not smoke pot anymore, there are lots of things you can do to help yourself quit.Tips to help you quit smoking pot can be found below:
– Avoid circumstances and situations that lead you to smoke marijuana.
– When you desire marijuana, take legal herbal supplements instead.
– Remove all products that remind you of smoking marijuana, including cigarettes, joints, bongs, bowls, pipes, and hookahs.
– Think about the ill effects of smoking marijuana each time you want to indulge.
– Seek medical help and ask about legal alternatives to smoking marijuana.