Medical PotThe most important part of the legal pot debate is medical marijuana, or cannabis.

There are many reasons why pot should not be legal, but the fact that pot could help so many people and can’t because it isn’t legal is just tragic.One option to change this is to allow people to carry medical cards and to receive pot from a dispensary.

Pot has lots of benefits as a medical drug.Gloucoma and cataracts are two common reasons people have for needing medical access to pot.The benefit of pot in these situations is it relieves the pressure built-up in the eye.Pot could benefit old people who suffer from arthritis because legal pot acts as an analgesic and relieves inflammation.

Medical pot also could make you feel good, a benefit for depressed people.Pot really enhances your mood.Medical cannabis is also on the best non-addictive non-opiate pain killers you can take.There are countless benefits of medical pot and its use to help people.Pot can even help people who suffer from asthma because it actually opens the airways of the lungs.

Sufferers of these medical conditions can sometimes obtain medical pot from a state-regulated dispensary if they carry a card and have a prescription card.

Pot has been around a long time.In ancient China and Taiwan they talk about the use of medical cannabis.Western civilizations started using legal medical pot around the 1800s.By the current century, doctors published lots of medical papers on the use of pot to alleviate many medical ailments.

Pot also gives you the munchies, which could help people with AIDS and stuff to eat more and not loose so much weight.

There are about 60 US and International health organizations that support legalizing pot for medical use immediately.There are even more that support doing further studies into the benefits of legal medical cannabis.Clinical trials are a good way for doctors to learn more about the benefits of pot in a medical setting.

Right now pot is legal for medical use in 13 US states, Canada, and several European countries.There are large differences between the laws regarding the possession and dispensation of medical pot from place to place.