Grow PotSo, you want to grow pot? Even though its not legal, people grow pot all the time in this country, partly because its so easy to do.All you need to grow your own high-quality pot is dirt, seeds, and light.

The steps involved in growing pot are pretty easy to follow.Since growing pot is not legal, you may decide to do it indoors.That is why you’ll need a really good light.When you grow pot indoors you can also control the environment better, which will yield better stems and leaves.

Obviously the first thing you need to grow pot is dirt, unless you’re going to use hydroponics.If you’re going to grow your pot in dirt, you should mix potting dirt and Perlite for the best results.

Put the dirt in pots with good drainage and you’re ready to get started.Next you will want to set up your light source.A strong 600-watt high pressure sodium lamp will really make your plant grow.You’ll want the light on a 24-hour timer.Also plug in a fan nearby, because such a strong light puts off a lot of heat.

The next part of growing pot is the seeds.The seeds are incredibly important.The seeds will determine the type of pot you’ll grow and obviously the type of pot you’ll smoke.There are hundreds of types of seeds.Some of them have specific growing needs as well.The seeds are everything.

Some other stuff you’ll want before you start to grow your pot other than dirt, light, and the best seeds you can get, are a pH testing kit and something like phosphoric acid to keep the pH of the dirt in the ideal range of 6 – 7.Also to grow pot you should have nutrients and fertilizer, and some white plastic or white paper to put around your plants.All these extras will help your pot plant grow thick stems and broad leaves.

So all you need to do is plant the seeds in the dirt, keep it watered and the light plugged in to a timer, and you’re good to go.Just sit back and watch your pot plant grow lots of leaves and strong stems.Its fun to watch pot grow from little seeds you put in the dirt yourself.

Keep in mind though; it is still not legal to grow pot in the US.