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Legal Pot.

A huge debate over whether the US should legalize pot is going on right now. But laws in the US are very strict against pot smokers, so much so it seems that pot will never be legal. Many people think pot should be legalized. There are many pros for legalizing pot, and many cons against legal pot as well.

Owning or smoking pot is illegal in the US thanks to the current US War on Drugs. The amount of pot you can carry and the penalties you face if caught are different in each state, but pot is not legal in this country for sure.

Pot is a very popular recreation drug in the US, just like alcohol and tobacco. Pot is used by an estimated 100 million Americans and over 25 million last year, even with such harsh laws making pot not legal.

But still the feelings are strong on whether the US should legalize pot.

There are many pros for legalized pot. Many other legal substances are more dangerous than pot. Over 50,000 people die each year from alcohol poisoning, but pot can not kill you if you smoke too much of it. Cigarettes lead to 400,000 deaths each year, but pure pot doesn’t have the same poisons as cigarettes.

The costs associated with enforcing laws against possession and use of pot could be almost non-existent if we legalize pot in the US. That is a pro for making pot legal. This could save the tax payers an estimated $10 billion annually and save the jails from incarcerating nearly 870,000 US citizens every single year.

There are also a lot of cons against legalized pot. Some people say pot is a gateway drug that can lead to use of harder drugs down the road. If we legalize pot, some people say stoned driving would increase. This is a con against making pot legal. Another con is that some people even say smoking pot is morally wrong and we should not legalize it.

If pot were legal, it might also fall into kids hands, and nobody wants that. Also, a lot of police say that when they arrest pot smokers, they’re actually taking criminals off the street that would otherwise commit other more heinous crimes. That’s a con against legalizing pot, because more criminals on the street is a bad thing. Another con why we shouldn’t legalize pot is because the War on Drugs employs a lot of people from police and jail guards and judges and lawyers and politicians.

But also people should consider that if pot were legal, then these people would have an easier time doing their job and could devote more of their resources to catching the bad guys. Also if we legalize pot and the government regulated it, then the government would get the money that otherwise goes to drug dealers and terrorists.